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Bob K

Really enjoyed it

Reviewed January 7, 2014

We had come straight from the Orangutan sanctuary and were pleasantly surprised by the number of animals here.
When they were beckoned to feed the jungle became alive with movement and they appeared from everywhere, fascinating creatures.
Admittedly there is not that much native jungle out there and a lot has been sadly eaten up with Palm plantations but our understanding was that the government is endeavoring to remedy this problem.
After the disappointment of the lack of orangutans at their sanctuary we really enjoyed seeing so many of the Proboscis monkeys here, there were more than 50 and possible as many as 100 present.
As a bonus we spied a couple of colorful horn-bills in the tree just beside the car park.

Sabah Girl

Amazed with The Proboscis Monkeys

Reviewed 31 December, 2013

Paid RM15 per adults for Malaysian, and Foreigner at RM60 per person. My very first time here, was very surprise with the environment as i was on the way there. Labuk Bay Proboscis Sanctuary was actually located in the middle of Palm Oil Farm, horrible scene while passing seeing all these farm while the nature has been destroyed. Visited Platform 2 for 2.30pm feeding, walked about 5mins to get to the feeding platform, pretty got and humid. But the feeding was great and amazing The monkeys come jumping and rushing towards the platform with their family. Every male will be making sure his family was fed and no other intruders was to share. So you'll get a very up close experiences with these monkeys.

Rooms of improvement: Provide Cool Welcome Drink and Wet Towel will make this experience much better.



4 of 5 stars Reviewed November 8, 2013

We went here just to kill some time. We liked it so much we went back the next day. There is not only proboscis monkeys but also silver leaf monkeys. We got there early and got to play with the young silver leaf monkeys. I was lucky enough to have the babies climbing on me, they wanted my necklace. Then they put the food out and we saw the proboscis monkeys come down from the trees, we were lucky enough to have a male come up close. I was already aware that the owner had deforested the area but at least he has set somewhere up for the monkeys to go.


“A MUST do”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed November 4, 2013
This was a highlight. An even better experience than the Orang-utan Rehabilitation centre. Loved it - but bear in mind aside from the feed times there is nothing else to do. We arrived a good hour beforehand and ended up at a resort where we had something to eat and drink while waiting.

“Absolutely stunning place”
Reviewed August 10, 2013  

This is not that famous like the sepilok Orangutans, but really its a very wonderful place to be, at lease you can be close with the monkeys here, watch them eat, take pictures with them.
They are friendly and don't bite, its a very good experience to watch them mingle around and jump from here to there.
this place probably unlike sepilok luck the attention and it needs a development of their facilities, its a private project our tour told us , but I think it will be a very good idea to develop the facilities of this park and make it much more bigger.

Albury, Australia
“Great place to see the monkeys”
Reviewed August 8, 2013

A long way from town. The park is a bit of an odd set up with 2 seperate viewing areas. Though it was a fantastic place to get an upclose veiw of wild Proboscis monkeys & the silver leaf monkeys were adorable.


Sri Kembangan, Malaysia
Reviewed 17 July 2013 NEW

The monkeys are so clever. they will try to scare you by running towards you very fast and pound the floor super loud. There are one monkey who choose to pee from the roof too. this is as close as you can get with a moneky. you can actually touch them but they do have a temper especially the males one.
Most of the time before the feeding they mind their own business. They enjoy watching at human as much as we enjoy watching them.
The bridge towards to feeding side is quite small and just on top of a mangrove. We went there quite early and took our time walking there. there are more to see if you pay your attention.

5 of 5 stars
“So many monkeys”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed 18 July 2013 NEW

A great experience here. I took a shuttle from the Orang utan Center at 10:30 and the first stop was to platform B where the walkway was filled with Silverleaf monkeys so tame you could pet them and sit beside them for photos. Hornbills were also very close. We were having so my fun with the monkeys we almost forgot about the Orang Utans, even though there weren't very many of them. The shuttle then took us for lunch at a lovely open air place were we relaxed for an hour or so. Then on to platform A where there were many feeding stations and an unbelievable amount of Orang Utans. Our shuttle got us back around 3:30 and really took good care of us, It was more like a tour at shuttle prices ! if I was here another day, I would have gone again !

Reviewed 28 March 2013 NEW

I do not know if we were just lucky but we used a tour company with a shop in town - I never use the internet for local tours - and the small mini bus has only 6 people and the site itself not many more.
Lucky because the big mobs off tour buses were not there to turn the display into a circus.
The monkies were fascinating and as natural as they can be in the circumstances. they could be observed close up and in the trees. They were plentiful and some cheeky enough to come onto the veiwing platform. One was holding a baby which had only been born overnight(placenta still attached).
Our driver was very helful making sure that we were at the best place at the best time.
It is a fair drive and we spent the day for the one attraction so nice and relaxed.

Gold Coast
Reviewed 26 March 2013
“So Unexpected”

What a joy this place was. Clean and tidy. I arrived just as the monkeys were coming out of the mangroves. They do not come close to you but there were plenty of them and I enjoyed watching them for ages. Also Silverleaf Monkeys appeared with a golden child. They actually came onto where we were watching and stayed just walking around and taking it in turns holding the golden child. Really enjoyed this experience.

Reviewed 2 January 2013
“Shuttle Bus”
I was in Labuk Bay, proboscis monkey sanctuary today.
First, I tried to organize a private trip by taxi, to be away from the crowd. Minimum price was 180 MRY plus 60 ringit entrence fee and 10 ringit camera fee, while i was bartering around, a lady told me that there is a shuttle service at 9.30 to Labuk Bay, leaving in front of Sandakan Hotel.
Sandakan is a very small city, it is not difficult to find that hotel. I paid 30 ringit, going and coming back.
The driver was a nice bloke. We stopped in Sepilok Orangutan farm, picked up other tourists and headed to Labuk Bay, monkey feeding time is 11.30 from platform B. They are so cute, and there are silver leaf monkeys all around, sleeping. Prosboscis Males have big noses, the place wasn't crowded at all. Maybe 20 people including us.
The departure time to Sepilok and town was 2 pm by the same shuttle service. i have been told that platform A is much better so i can see the monkeys better. I met some fellow travellers so we went together to a restaurant of a nearest guest house. Prices were reasonable, 20 mry each. We watched a documentary after the lunch, rather sad.
I strongly recommend afternoon feeding platform A . feeding time is 14.30 and you can get very close to monkeys.
Alpha males were on the trailer, running around us, looking and posing us, I also took pictures of a strange bird, and a weird lizard. On the way back there was a viper snake just crawling on the floor, very rope like and well isolated, it was a poisonus one by the look of its head and pointy tale.
Overall it is a must seen place, once in a life time. Perfect. And the monkeys were in a good condition and they look very healthy and happy. Just watch your steps while walking on the trailer or you can end up stepping on a snake! They are almost invisible.

Zeg 81
Perth, Australia
Reviewed 6 December 2012  
“Couldn't get any closer!”
I recently visited and really enjoyed the experience. The monkeys looked healthy and happy and were free to come and go as they pleased. We were lucky to be able to get very close to these amazing creatures. As close as these monkeys get to us, we still must respect that they are wild animals and not touch them. I did see some tourists patting them which is unwise and disrespectful.
This place does not get very busy, so you are able to get up close and take photos without having to dodge the crowds. The monkeys were so relaxed it was as though they were posing for the camera. I was not aware of the palm oil plantations but having read over some of the others reviews this has made me a bit concerned. However, I think it is good that they have set up this sanctuary to protect them and ensure they have food. Sadly it is becoming less and less common to see animals in the wild.
I highly recommend visiting this place when you come to Sandakan as the proboscis are only found in Borneo and it gives you a chance to see them up close.However, I feel it is also important to visit them in the wild along the Kinabatangan area to learn about how they live and interact. You will find they behave quite differently to the ones in the sanctuary who are not the least bit shy of humans.
The fee is expensive, 70 MR with camera, but well worth it!

Ness B  
Perth, Australia 
Reviewed 17 December 2012  
“Do Not Miss This!”
Fantastic day out! Caught shuttle from Hotel Sandakan that leaves at 9.30am - no need to book! Shuttle went via Sepilok to pick up others and then on to Labuk Bay. We were shuttled around for the day between feeding platforms and lunch cafe. All well taken care of in well air con bus.
The monkeys are amazing! Not just seeing the various groups of Proboscis monkeys up close - but the silver monkeys at your feet and random squirrels added to the experience.
Getting to one platform early was great as the monkeys start swinging in before food is put out and was just awesome!
Make sure you head out to the back platform too to see the bachelor group come in! The one hour video is awesome too!
Thanks for such a great day! All up with shuttle, entry fees, camera fee and food the whole day was less than AU$40! Great value!

Adelaide, Australia 
Reviewed 7 November 2012  
“A good way to see Proboscis Monkeys”
I dont know whether this is a sanctuary or not. I watched the video and I guess my take is that the owners of a palm plantation have set up a couple of feeding platforms for tourists and I hope that the monkeys are at least protected in some way. They are still somewhat wild and it was a great way to get up close and see these creatures that are so close to homo sapiens.

Kuala Lumpur
Reviewed 5 November 2012  
The best way to get here in by rent a car. i enjoyed the nature of sandakan along the way to labuk more attraction along the way is sepilok orang utan sanctuary. just plan the day to make it worth visit. GPS might help for some one not familiar with this area and to whom that not really understand map. this is the best place to get closer to proboscis monkey, one of the most rare species to see.

Rahman Loh
"If I were to be in sandakan, I'll definately make a point to visit The Sanctuary."
Ambil peluang berkunjung ke Labuk Bay pd cuti akhir tahun, pasti tak mengecewakan!
Sesekali tinggalkan hiruk pikuk kesibukan bandar. Nikmati keheningan dan kedamaian di Nipah Lodge bersama keluarga dan rakan2!

loomis ca
“Well worth it, and not far out of town”
Reviewed 19 October 2012 NEW
We loved our time here and made a point of going to both platforms for feeding. One can take a shuttle from the Sepilok Orang Sanctuary, affordable, fast, and efficient.
Lunch in between at the restaurant was mediocre, but acceptable. They offered a film, worth seeing, but poor quality.
Good viewing of the monkeys, some birds. Mostly locals, few tourists. We visited several sanctuaries and rehabilitation centers for monkeys on our 5 week trip of Borneo and Indonesia. This was one of our favorites. Dont miss it if you have the time.

“So Many Monkeys”
Reviewed 3 October 2012  NEW
We visited in the afternoon in July and it was great. There were so many monkeys, including mothers and babies. It was fantastic to watch from the viewing platforms. The sanctuary is huge and very well organised and there is not too much human interaction which means it is very 'natural'.  It was quite expensive, especially as you need a taxi driver to get there and then take you from platform to platform for a few hours. But, well worth it as you are guaranteed to see lots!

Artur D
Warsaw, Poland
Senior Contributor
“A must visit place!”
Reviewed 18 September 2012 NEW
It is well organized sanctuary making possible to see proboscis monkeys and to get aquainted with their environment. It is not cheap but it is REALLY worth to visit. As usuall there are less visitors than in Sepilok (almost no locals). It is a must visit place for every traveller where you can spot also silver leaf monkeys, hornbills, etc....

“Monkey business”
Reviewed 15 September 2012 NEW
We were able to see lots & lots of Probosicus monkeys at this sanctuary in fairly close proximity. Add to this there were many Silver Leaf monkeys just hanging around the viewing area. A must visit place in Sandakan.

Guildford, United Kingdom
Senior Reviewer
Reviewed 11 September 2012
Well worth the trip. His was a real highlight of our holiday. You getty see the monies close up and in heir natural habitat. If you enjoy taking photo's of wildlife then this place is a must. We went for the 2.30pm feeding and there were very few visitors, far less than at Sepilok.

Khao Lak
“At last a Malaysian attraction that matches the hype!”
Reviewed 29 August 2012
This was just great! Plenty of monkeys , proboscis and macaques and great photo opportunities. You really are amongst them and can clearly see all you need of the proboscis monkeys and of course more! The macaques are lying all around on the viewing balcony and we watched one carefully grooming a pleased but surprised tourist having his hair groomed for fleas.

The video is worth watching but keep it in perspective. If these guys really cared for the environment they would be ensuring that there was enough wild habitat for them not to be shipped into sanctuaries. The palm oil plantations are the root cause of the rain forest right across South east Asia.

Sydney, Australia
Top Contributor
“Great place to stay for the Monkeys (10 mins away) and R&R”
Reviewed 8 August 2012
We had a lovely nights stay here with very attentive/informative staff. The actual guide who feeds/looks after the monkeys came and picked us up. We had some good one on one time talking and chatting about the monkeys and the sanctuary.

The accommodation is wooden lodge style set over swamp/water with boardwalks between. It is a very quiet place and we had some wonderful R&R. Well spoken English and they came and picked us up from our previous hotel for a small transfer fee (about the same as a haggled taxi without the hassle of the haggle :-).

They also assisted with a request to watch the England v France game for Euro 2012 and had the TV all set up for me at 1am.
The food was lovely and made to order.

We really enjoyed the hospitality and our stay here and would recommend if you are visiting the Monkeys.

The place was pretty quiet I truly believe we were the only ones there.

Stayed June 2012, travelled as a couple.